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Setting Up Email

Normally the Connection Wizard sets up all of the parameters necessary for you to send and receive E-mail. If you add a second E-mail, want to make changes to your current settings or if you are having problems sending and receiving E-mail, use the following setup help for your specific E-mail system.

Each of these E-mail systems has many parameters and features. This section only describes the set up that is necessary to properly SEND and RECEIVE E-mail when you are using Netlink Communications, Inc. Internet Access.

Internet Mail System

The Internet mail systems provide for reliable delivery of E-mail messages. Unless there is a failure of a mail server, such as loss of a hard disk drive, mail that you send should be received by the recipient, or you should be notified of an error.

The most common problem is that the address you are sending the E-mail to is incorrect. Then you should get an error message returned saying something to the effect that the mail is not deliverable.

It's possible that mail can be delayed. For example, you send an E-mail to the correct E-mail address. The receiving mail server may be temporarily out of service. The sending mail server at Netlink will hold the mail and try periodically to send the mail for up to four (4) days. If this is not successful, you will get a message back stating the mail is not deliverable.

Choose your E-mail help from the following sections. If you don't remember exactly which E-mail program you are using, you can START the program and click HELP, ABOUT. This should give you the name of the E-mail program and the revision number.

If your mail program is not listed below, the following items are the items that must be in your profile for you to successfully send and receive E-mail.

  • POP3 Server-
  • SMTP Server-
  • User Name- the name you use to dial-in to Netlink, up to eight characters, always lowercase
  • E-mail Address- your User Name with your Internet address in the format

If you have any questions or problems configuring your E-mail, just call the office at 259-4069.

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