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Internet Explorer Setup for Windows

Window 98 Second Edition or Internet Explorer 5.0 and Outlook Express Setup From Netlink CD

If you have Windows 98 Second Edition, go to # 4.

1). Insert Netlink CD in CDROM drive.

2). If you have AUTORUN configured, the CD should start automatically.

3). Follow the instructions and Install Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. Add any other options that you want.

To Configure Your Computer for a Netlink Dial-up Continue Here.

4). There may be a "Connect to the Internet" ICON on your desktop. Double click and go to #5. If there is not an ICON on the desktop, go to START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, COMMUNICATIONS and select INTERNET CONNECTION WIZARD. Or you may find Internet Connection Wizard under Internet Explorer. If you cannot find Internet Connection Wizard under programs, go to START, FIND. Type Internet Connection Wizard in the space labeled Named: , make sure that LOOK IN: has your hard drive selected and select Find Now. When Find stops, double click on Internet Connection Wizard.

5). Internet Connection Wizard will start up with a blue dialogue box with the title Welcome to the Internet Connection Wizard. If the Dialogue box is BROWN in color, call Netlink for Specific instructions 259-4069. Select the third item on this page, "I want to set up my Internet connection manually, or I want to connect through a Local Area Network (LAN)." Click NEXT.

6). The next page is titled Setting up your Internet connection. Under "How do I connect to the Internet?", select "I connect through a phone line and modem", click NEXT.

7). This box is titled Choose Modem. Select the modem to use from the dialogue box, there is usually just one and select NEXT.

8). This box is titled Step 1 of 3: Internet account connection information. Enter the dial-up telephone number, 654-9910 for a 56K modem or 654-8338 for an analog modem. If you are in doubt about your modem type, use 654-9910. Uncheck or unselect, Dial using area code and country code-no check mark. Select the ADVANCED button.

9). This box is titled Advanced Connection Properties. The first tab - Connection, should have these options selected: Under Connection type- select PPP (Point to Point Protocol), under Logon Procedure, select None. Click on the second tab at the top-Addresses. In this box, under IP address, select Internet service provider automatically provides one. Under DNS server addresses, select Always use the following: and in the Primary DNS Server: box type and in the Alternate DNS Server: box type OK. Now you are returned to the box titled Step 1 of 3: Internet account connection information, select NEXT.

10). This box is titled Step 2 of 3: Internet account logon information. Type your User Name in the box titled User name and your password in the box titled Password. You can leave Password blank and you will be asked for your password when you make a dial-up connection. Select NEXT.

11). This box is Step 3 of 3: Configuring your computer. In Connection Name type NETLINK and select NEXT.

12). This box is titled Set Up Your Internet Mail Account. Yes should be selected, just click NEXT.

13). This box is titled Internet Mail Account. Follow the instructions on this page. The account name is only used on your computer. So the name can be something like johns_mail or mailbox or?. Click NEXT.

14). This box is titled Your Name. Type your name as you want it to appear when someone receives an E-mail from you, usually your full name. Select NEXT.

15). This box is titled Internet E-mail Address. Type your username and in this format Select NEXT.

16). E-mail Server Names. My incoming mail server is POP3. In Incoming Mail and Outgoing Mail, type Select Next.

17). Internet Mail Logon. Account name is username. Enter your password. Select Next.

18). Completing the Internet Connection Wizard. Select Finish.

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